“Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced”

By Ira Jamwal

Life… is a beautiful struggle

People love to have it

But are scared to face it

Life… a beautiful book

People wanna write it

But have no right to read it

Life… a beautiful poem

Listen to it like nightingale singing

That gets vain with people’s fingering

Life… a beautiful dream

Think it you feel awesome

Wake up you feel more down

Life… is being happy

Life… is making others happy

Life… is sacrifice

Life… is being happy for others

Life… is a poetry

Sing it, feel it

Be with others make them feel it

Life… is awesome adventure

Live it like its the last gift

Live it like you never gonna get it again

Life… is a confused feeling

But save it

Not today but you will surely enjoy

Life… ohh my dear life

Life… my dear life


“Now you understand why Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up”

By Ira Jamwal

I am a teenager

Fighting like a bold Ranger

My life is confused

In all I am confused

My emotions are all gone mix

Like a chocolate cake whisk

Sometimes happy sometimes sad

Seems like everything is so bad

Constantly thinking and thinking

I got to know nothing

I am a teenager

Fighting like a bold Ranger

That rudeness

That cruelness

I can’t forget

Till rain got it wet

I am a teenager

Fighting like a bold Ranger

I got cheated

Or you cheated

But you don’t know how I am treated

At every point I am witted

Ohh God , mercy on me

Let me also see

What’s the truth

Of this worth

Ohh dear,

I am all in fear

I want to cry

But hoping to try

I am teenager

Fighting like a bold ranger

My life is confused

In all I am confused……


“What is a friend?? A single soul dwelling in two bodies”

By Ira Jamwal

You overlook my broken bridge of life and admires the flowers blooming in my heart.

It’s friendship only which gives you unconditional love and last longer than any other because it’s only relationship which is lived by your heart and has no expectation.

The subject of friends has been on my mind this morning as a dearest and closest friend wished me friendship day this lockdown morning.As I stocked her inbox with my funny wishes and those sentimental quotation evoke my mind.

True friends !! one who come to your company may it be just of you two. Only our true friends know the inner trouble our heart is going through he knows every book and each and every film which makes us laugh or shred your tears.

The most amazing hugs, the resounding laughter, the sometimes anger and threatening to walk away and yet staying back and being ready for a new fight, the hangouts, the calling names, the sharing of secrets and so much more without any serious or any expectations or demands. True friendship is a magestic craft gifted to us by God and is the best relationship we make in this world. Only with them you can share about the broken hearts of young love, the friendship breakups which cut so deep.

As your smile move down for better or worse. We can’t help it !! At this time a smile is plastered across our face as we greet eachother in any busy street or at work. In your boring lunch time a ping on your WhatsApp full of funny jokes and true feelings make your stamina increased by 100 times.

Friendships take many shape and when you are young you believe friendship can only be done with our best peers. The sense of joy is overwhelming when you realise that juvenile age was so silly and short sighted when your friends bullies you in the strike of jealousy while talking lovingly to any other classmate. This really does like hitting a jackpot.

The journey of life with its highs and lows, happiness and suffering, would be unbearable without the presence of friends – the shared life, happiness and the doublement of joy.

As friendship takes long time to be stronger to make the connections to be harder make the sharing be more tighter.

We don’t have to impress anyone to become their friend and there is no recruitment process to select a friend. It’s just that bond that happens between people who are willing to be at each other side for the rest of their life. Friendship is an act of selfless love…

Same as the great friendship of my favourite lord shri krishna and sudama it was the popular friendship story which gives or fulfill with positivity in us

I am dedicating this blog to three of my best friends, without whom I am just nobody. Shubhangi and Nish thank you for being a freaky best supporters !!!! And inspiring me to write and don’t ask how?? You just inspire me. And last but not the least Varshini you correct my every wrong doings and put up with all my silly dramas and still continue to do so !!!

Thank you for making me realize my true self and to all my dear friends thank you for putting up with me and supporting me all these year back…..


“Morning wake up and her loving face”

By Ira Jamwal

My dried arms were so much in fear

Being with you always made me dearer

The feared nature made me cry

But that dear warmth of hug made me try

Something made me think over and over night

That was something which flavoured my might

Moving upward a small miles

Is something which gives you hundred tons of smiles

Your smile is like a shiny star

Which enables to remove every scar

You are the most loveliest thing

Who made me have wings

You are the best thing which God made

With the name of MOM which never fades…..

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